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Welcome to Soul Deep Healing

Soul Deep Healing is a collaboration between Valerie Shipp and Peter Thompson.

The name Soul Deep Healing comes from a recognition that we both work at a deep and truly holistic level. We hope you enjoy the information and photographs on our website; we believe they reflect the close connection we have with nature and that we work with natural healing principles. We use an ancient and powerful group of therapies which engage the whole person and result in a sustained improvement in health at every level.

For instance, when we take a painkiller or sleeping pill the symptom or discomfort is reduced and we get temporary relief, but there is no effect on the underlying causes, and often the symptom will return or re-emerge in a different form. We combine many years of experience and training as we aim to provide a deeper more lasting form of healing for the people we care for.

The therapies available from Valerie and Peter can be applied individually depending on your needs; we are happy to assess and discuss your condition and advise which treatment would be most suitable. If you prefer, we can also work collaboratively to combine the best therapy techniques for your individual health needs. You can then choose which combination of therapies are best suited to support your healing process so that you have the most effective outcome.

Every course of healing is tailored to your own needs. Soul Deep Healing is based in Cumbria; we both work from our therapy room in our home in Mealsgate  and in Cumbria Therapies, Bourne House, Milbourne Street, Carlisle.

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