A Journey; Soul Retrieval and Healing in Shamanic Realities

NB These shamanic techniques should not be attempted without specific training, and preferably only undertaken by a fully qualified shamanic practitioner.

This is a real journey I did for a real client, who has given her full permission for her story to be included in this blog. Some details have been changed and the client remains anonymous to protect her privacy.

B had been a client for some months before this journey took place. She had been working through her difficulties around an abusive childhood and the effect this had had on her life and relationships as an adult. In the therapy session before this journey she identified a 10yr old soul part which had fled due to an ‘incident’ which she did not describe. We agreed to meet the following week for me to journey in Shamanic Reality to her 10yr old soul part to bring her back to be re-united with her adult self.


The morning after this session I woke with my Power Animals strongly letting me know that I needed to journey to the Cave of Lost Children to recover this 10yr old child soul. I immediately journeyed with my Power Animals and found the 10yr old B sitting at the back of the cave crying, scared and covered in bruises. I explained to her that her parents (the abusers) were now dead and that adult B wanted her back. She would be safe, cared for and loved. In the meantime, though, I was to take her to my Lower World family to be looked after until I met with B the following week. She agreed to come with us and when we got there she was taken away by the village healer to a sea water hot spring and bathed in arnica (for the bruises), rose petals, buddleia and bellis (for shock/trauma). She had her hair washed and braided with shells, and dressed in a pretty little buckskin dress. She went off with the village children to play. I left her there to recover and to start to be a child again.

Four days later I met with B to complete her soul retrieval. She was deeply touched by how her 10yr old soul part was being cared for. We journeyed together to my Lower World family and found the 10yr old happily playing with the village children. She was interested in the adult B and agreed to come back with us, but there were conditions; she wanted to visit the village again as she’d made some friends there, and she wanted to continue to play, even though B had grown up. B agreed to these and we were on the point of returning to Ordinary Reality when I saw my Power Animals and Lower World guide hesitating. They stated that further healing of adult B was needed for the soul retrieval to be completed. I checked out that this was ok with B, which it was.

We left the 10yr old in the Lower World and went to the Upper World where we met my Upper World guide who took us to the Grove of Elders. B was invited to step into the middle to lie in a pool of what looked like Mercury. A female elder stepped forward and was giving her healing around the navel and abdomen area. Some smoky, grainy substance started to come out of her navel which the elder collected and took away. This went on for some time. Once this was completed, a pearly, opalescent kind of energy was placed in B’s abdomen and covered with silky gossamer like substance to heal the wound. The healing was complete, and once we had thanked the elders, we returned to the Lower World to collect the 10yr old soul part.


We all returned to Ordinary Reality and I blew the 10yr old soul part into the crown of B’s head.

Afterwards B told me that the healing in the Upper World was deeply significant for her. She described a pregnancy to an abusive partner which she had deliberately ‘willed’ away. She had a spontaneous miscarriage and had always felt the guilt of killing her child in this way. The healing in the Upper World had removed this guilt and made her feel whole in a completely new way. She also described the horrible beating her father had given her when she was 10 which caused her 10yr old soul part to flee. She believes to this day that if someone hadn’t pulled him off he would have killed her.

Two weeks later B reports that she feels more grounded, more adult, at peace in a way that she has never known before. She knows she has changed almost at a cellular level and that she can start to live a happier, more connected life.