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A Journey; Soul Retrieval and Healing in Shamanic Realities

NB These shamanic techniques should not be attempted without specific training, and preferably only undertaken by a fully qualified shamanic practitioner. This is a real journey I did for a real client, who has given her full permission for her story to be included in this blog. Some details have been changed and the client […]

Winter Solstice

  It is winter. We are moving through the earth’s annual cycle towards the Winter Solstice. This year the actual moment of the solstice is December 22nd at 04:48. This is the time when the sun is at its most southerly point after which it will gradually return northwards and the days will start to […]

Hello & Welcome

  Hello! And thanks for taking the time to look at this Blog. Since this is the first blog on this site I thought I could give you a flavour of what I intend to post here. This is going to be about Shamanism, Shamanic healing and my own personal experiences as a practitioner and […]